Meeting schedule update 2022-09-11

The meeting schedule pdf has been updated:

Also, the new ‘ meeting guide app ‘ pages have been updated with the same D3 meeting info:

Note, the ‘Meeting Guide App’ has not yet updated the phone app with our meeting list. I’ve resubmitted our request to be added again today for the 2nd time. We’ll keep resubmitting until we’re added.

If you’ve any feedback or need to inform concerning any necessary corrections, email

In service,

AA Area1 Dist3 Web Master

Adding our meetings to AA’s Meeting Guide App

From: aaarea1dist3 web admin,

To: AA Area 1 District 3

Website back-end work to add AA Area1 Dist3’s meetings to the AA Meeting Guide App has been completed. I am just waiting to hear back from ‘aa meeting guide app developers’ that they’re in receipt of our info. The hope it they will then at that time update the meeting guide app with all of our meetings.

Links containing relevant info:

I’ll update further when I’ve received additional information.

In Service,

aaarea1dist3 web admin